Thursday, October 16, 2014

My first post!

My first race - the Rock 'n' Roll
Brooklyn 10K!
It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally getting started on an oft-requested running blog.  I’ve been running for just over a year, and have been participating in races quite frequently since starting. I’ve increased my distance and endurance a bit quickly in those twelve months.  My first race was a 10K in October of 2013 (quite a hefty distance for someone who had only laced on running shoes – albeit very old and decrepit New Balances from the 90s – for the first time since the much reviled “required” one-mile runs on the track in middle school P.E.), and through a series of winter New York Road Runners races in Central Park, I made my way up in distance toward my first half marathon race – the New York City Half – in March 2014.  Since then, I’ve done six half marathons, and began training in June for my first marathon, this past Sunday’s Chicago Marathon.  So it’s fitting that my first “race report” post which you’ll see shortly, is of the marathon!

And you’re probably wondering – why “Victory Headstand Runner?”  In July, I completed my fourth half marathon, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half, and PR’d by 13 minutes (also very close to finishing sub-2 hours.)  After finishing the race and waiting for my cousin to finish shortly thereafter, I decided to pose with my medals dangling from my running shoes as I went into an unassisted headstand, something I only within the past couple years have become capable of doing.  And so began a tradition of me posing with my finisher’s medal (or other medals – in some cases, such as the Rock ‘n’ Roll series, when multiple medals are possible) in a headstand pose!

So, welcome to my new blog, and I hope you enjoy reading all of my entries!

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