Jim's national anthem quest and challenges to run both half marathons and marathons in all fifty states has been well covered by the media in various news outlets all across the nation!

‘National anthem runner’ Jim Diego sings before marathon races, his 100th race sets off in Topeka
April 23, 2021 | by Danielle Martin

(TOPEKA, KS) - A Wichita man has used his two passions: running and singing as a way to see the world.

Jim Diego has sung the national anthem before running marathons in all 50 states.

Around the world, Jim Diego is recognized as the national anthem runner. He spends most of his weekends singing patriotic songs before running marathons around the world.

He’ll set off on his 100th half-marathon on Saturday in Topeka and he plans to display his talents before the race begins. [read more]

Marathon Man
November 5, 2019 (initial airing) | by Ernabel Demillo

Ready ... Set ... Go!!
Host Ernabel Demillo catches up with Jim Diego, a CUNY grad school alum, who has run a marathon in all 50 states. Sure, he's not the only runner to accomplish this; but what makes him standout is what he does BEFORE each race. Watch our story to get the details! [watch video]

This Man Sang the National Anthem Before Running a Marathon in All 50 States
November 20, 2018 | by Taylor Dutch

For Jim Diego, most weekends are spent singing chords of patriotic songs and running marathons around the world—often in that order.

In fact, when Diego spoke to Runner’s World over the phone from his office in Queens, New York, he had just flown back from Amsterdam where he ran his fastest marathon outside of the U.S. The Amsterdam Marathon, which Diego completed in 4:45:32, was his 26th marathon of 2018 and his 85th career marathon.

The following weekend, he finished the Swiss City Marathon in Lucerne, and then on November 4, he ran the New York City Marathon—the day after singing the national anthem at the Dash to the Finish 5K.

Diego has used running and singing as a way to see the world, and he set his sights high: to sing the national anthem and run a marathon in all 50 states. On November 18, he completed the pursuit at the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, Oklahoma. [read more]

Oklahoma Marks 50th State For NYC Anthem Singing Marathon Runner
November 18, 2018 | by Amy Slanchik

(TULSA, OK) - Thousands of runners warmed up their muscles to take on the full Williams Route 66 Marathon Sunday, but one runner was also warming up his voice.

People in every state across the country have now heard Jim Diego's voice, as they pause and listen to the Star Spangled Banner before marathons from coast to coast. [read more]

Star Spangled Singer and Marathon Runner: Jim
February 1, 2018 | by the Eau Claire Marathon

(EAU CLAIRE, WI) Meet Jim! Jim Diego, from New York City, has been running distance races since 2014. In just over four years, he has completed a half marathon in all fifty states and is in the process of doing the same with the 26.2-mile distance. Since 2014, he has completed 86 half marathons and 60 marathons, both in the US and internationally. Jim is also an accomplished singer and has regularly performed the national anthem for events all over the country. [read more]

Wichita Native aims to run a marathon in all 50 states
October 8, 2017 | by Melissa Murray

(WICHITA, KS) If you would have asked Jim Diego what he was up to five years ago, he would not have said running.

"I was never a runner," he said. "I actually detested running around the track at school."

Four years ago, he changed that. He took his passion for travel and added running to the mix.

"It's a matter of just being out there for five minutes and trying again, then increasing the amount of time out there. I don't worry about the distance, it's just being out there and putting one foot in front of the other," Diego said.

85 half marathons and 50 marathons later, he is more of a runner than he ever thought he would be. [read more and watch video]

Run Hog Wild Inspired! – Jim Diego
September 13, 2017 | by Stray Media Group

(GRAND FORKS, ND) We have an extremely special guest joining us this year to not only participate in running the full marathon, but also sing both the United States and Canadian national anthems come race day! Race connoisseur, seasoned vocalist, and self-proclaimed “travel junkie”, Jim Diego of New York City is on a mission to run full marathons in all 50 United States! To take it a step further, he’s pursuing the challenge of certifying a world record for singing the national anthem and then immediately running a half or full marathon after in all 50 states, too! [read more]

Marathon national anthem singer has quest to sing, run in every state
May 28, 2017 | by Tom Messner, Chief Meteorologist

(BURLINGTON, VT) TOM: Hi there, I gotta introduce you to a guy who is doing something that is so unique. Jim Diego is here. Now get this, Jim is a singer who has been to all 50 states... and has run a half marathon there... but for Jim that's not good enough. Jim, tell us what you're going to do today and what this is all about, would you.

JIM: So Vermont is my 27th marathon state, but my 29th national anthem state. [watch video]

Introducing our National Anthem Singer Jim Diego
May 25, 2017 | by RunVermont

(BURLINGTON, VT) Our Amazing National Anthem singer for this year’s People’s United Bank Vermont City Marathon is Jim Diego!

Jim is on a quest to sing the national Anthem in all 50 states followed by running the full marathon distance in all 50 states! He has already completed all 50 states in July of last year for half marathons, and now is working on it for full marathons – Vermont will be his 27th state. It will be his 29th state singing the national anthem. [read more]

Bataan Memorial Death March: ‘Living history lesson’ in New Mexico desert
March 25, 2017 | by US Bureau

(WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, NM) In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Bataan Death March, the singing of “Lupang Hinirang,” the Philippine National Anthem, was included in the program for the first time in the memorial march’s history. Filipino American marathoner and musical performer Jim Diego provided the vocal rendition. His great uncle, Ulrico Causing, was in the Bataan Death March. [read more]

Hyannis Marathon notebook: Star Spangled Goal
February 26, 2017 | by Steve Derderian

(HYANNIS, MA) Jim Diego, 33, may not be the main focus during the races he runs, but moments before the starting gun goes off, the attention is on him.

Before the racing began Sunday, Diego sang the Star-Spangled Banner, marking the 23rd state he has sung the anthem before running a distance race. [read more]

How Runners are Prepping for the Austin Marathon: 5 Competitors Share Their Pre-Race Rituals
February 17, 2017 | by London Gibson

(AUSTIN, TX) Imagine training for months for just one single day. These five racers have done just that — some evening running six miles at midnight or pushing 120-pound weights — all in preparation of Sunday's Austin Marathon, where they will push themselves to complete 26.2 miles.

"I’m excited to run Austin for the first time. Running marathons allows me to not only keep fit and healthy but also see a place in a completely different way." [read more]

"I Speak For You" Podcast
Austin Marathon (11 days out!)
February 8, 2017 | Podcast by Mark Purnell, with William Dyson (Communications Manager, Austin Marathon)

(AUSTIN, TX) MARK: ...Jim Diego is coming in to be the singer; he's an amazing, amazing young man. And, it's a selection process... it isn't just like, "hey, I want to be your national anthem singer." Ok. How does that work, William? Do you guys get together and listen to tapes? I mean, how does one select a national anthem singer?

WILLIAM: Yeah, I mean... As easy of a process as I want to make it sound, it is not that simple. I mean, we know singers here in Austin, we know athletes who sing. We actually have triathletes who sing the national anthem before our triathlons begin, and then they go participate. And Jim reached out through the contact form on our website, and he officially told his story, and what his goal is. He is amazing - we've listened to him several different times and he is top notch. [listen from 19:47 - 22:30]

Rehoboth marathon goes off without a hitch in the giddy-up
December 5, 2016 | by Dave Frederick

(REHOBOTH BEACH, DE) Runners across the time zones of talent and training ran the Rehoboth half and full marathons Dec. 3, leaving the “Sun Also Rises” backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean at 7 a.m. Those last to cross the starting line were walking and talking and some were slurping coffee while others texted faraway friends, “I’m off! You can follow me on your GPS as it’s coordinated to mine.”

Jim Diego started the race in motion with a perfectly pitched tenor voice, singing the national anthem. He was smooth as a slack tide. Diego’s goal was to sing then run a marathon in every state in the country. Rehoboth was his 17th state in a quest to chase down a record no one else is pursuing. [read more]

Jim Diego to Sing National Anthem at Galloway Race Weekend
October 20, 2016

(ATLANTA, GA) The 2016 Jeff Galloway Race Weekend has announced that Jim Diego will be singing the National Anthem at the start of the Jeff Galloway 13.1 in December.

Diego, a New York City resident and prolific race personality around the USA and the world, has sung the national anthem in more than 12 US states, as well as participated in half marathons and marathons in all 50 US states. [read more]

"Runner of a Certain Age" Podcast
Episode 79 – The Head Over Heels Edition
July 19, 2016 | Podcast interview with John Thompson and Elizabeth Bain

In this episode, as part of our famous runner series, we welcome Jim Diego, The The Victory Headstand runner to the podcast. [read more]

Marathon runner sings National Anthem
July 10, 2016 | by Derek Minemeyer

(MISSOULA, MT) A runner from New York City has now raced in 50 different marathons in all 50 states after completing the Missoula half marathon. Along with his stamina comes an ability to hit the high note.

Jim Diego is a singer, runner and traveler. He has now sung the national anthem in 12 marathon races. He plans to sing in all 50 states to go along with his patriotic marathon completions. [read more and watch video]

Moral support at Mickelson Trail Marathon
June 6, 2016 | by Jason Gross

(RAPID CITY, SD) With more than 3,000 runners entered in Sunday’s Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon races, it was inevitable that a number of runners were here for the first time...

...Diego is doing what Roehler and Daoust are, but the New York City resident has reached 48 states.

Diego said a friend ran this course last year and talked about its beauty, so Diego decided to give it a try.

Sunday marked the 71st half marathon for Diego, who said he has not had a weekend off since March. He runs with the mindset of enjoying himself. [read more]

New York man racing across the country
May 1, 2016 | by Bill Rentschler

(LINCOLN, NE) Jim Diego ran a half marathon in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday. It wasn't a fun race as heavy rain pelted the runners. After the race, Jim packed up and headed to Lincoln for Sunday's Lincoln Marathon. The weather on Sunday in Lincoln wasn't too much better. Rain fell throughout the race, but he finished in just over two hours, right where he usually does.

In 2013, Jim says he had never even run a mile when a friend signed him up for a mud run. He trained for the run, gradually increasing his distances until race day, but ever since then, he hasn't slowed down. [read more] [watch video]

Lincoln Marathon competitor running, singing his way through 50 states
April 29, 2016 | by Clark Grell

(LINCOLN, NE) Like the other 12,500 runners who will take part in the Lincoln Marathon and Half-Marathon on Sunday, Jim Diego will go through a typical warmup routine. He’ll loosen up his legs, stretch his arms and get his running watch set.

Ahead of him is his latest adventure — a 13.1-mile trek through the streets of Lincoln.

But before any runners cross the start line, Diego will take a drink of water, grab the mic and proudly sing the national anthem.

Diego loves to run. And as long as he can remember, he has loved to sing.

Did we mention Diego loves to run? [read more]

Check out the New King of the Hill Challenge!
October 21, 2015 and March 24, 2016 | Promotional e-mail by Competitor Group, Inc.

Do you enjoy the burn in your legs when you push yourself to the top of a hill? Do you find enjoyment kicking your friends' tails' to the top? If you answered "yes" (or even if you answered "no"), you'll want to prepare yourself for our King Of The Hill challenge during the Rock 'n' Roll Raleigh Marathon & 1/2 Marathon presented by WRAL!

(Image of Jim - see left - used for promotional material on October 21, 2015 and March 24, 2016)

Jim Diego: Racing toward "50 in 50"
September 25, 2015 | by Ben Ramsey

(PINEDALE, WY) Singer and half-marathon fanatic Jim Diego will be coming to sing the national anthem at the Pinedale Half Marathon this Saturday, Sept. 26, which starts at Rendezvous Pointe.

Diego has set the goal of running 50 half marathons in 50 states. So far this year, he has run 37 of the 13.1-mile races in 40 weeks. According to Diego, whose day job is in real estate, his schedule is crazy. [read more]

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